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Data on Cloud

We understand how critical your business data is and how you do all kind of ?local backups, External Disk Backup, Offsite backups or on-line backups to ensure its integrity and safety. But its not required any more, with cloud based data solutions like Drop Box or Soonr, managing and security your Data is Piece of cake. The solutions are far more safe and compliant than any onsite storage solution you have. The most common benefits of the solutions are

1) Data access any where and everywhere

2) Unlimited File Recovery

3) Remote Wipe Feature

4) Strong Encryption for Data Security

We at Pledge can provide you end to end consulting in moving your Data to cloud from helping you decide which products suits your need best to actually moving you through the sign up process and than migrating your data to cloud. We will also help you configure your devices to access the data from cloud. ?Reach us for free analysis of your situation and walk you through the migration process.

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