India has come up as a leading services exporter in past 15 years or so. Today almost every industry ranging from health care , Non Profits, Telecom have their contact centres in India. There are two primary reasons for that

  1. English speaking Population: After US India has the most number of english speaking individual and indians have a neutral accent which is easy to understand by any one.
  2. Hospitality: Whether its tourism or health care India is famous for its hospitality. People in india are warm and caring. Indian truly believe in a sanskrit saying “atithi devo bhava”? which means Guest is equivalent to God.

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India has also developed as an IT/technology hub in past 15 years, biggest name in the industry like Microsoft, Oracle, Google and many more have their development centers in India. Also a lot of small to medium size companies have come up india which work on IT support for US clients either directly or via some local consultants. ?Here in this article I am trying to explain when does it makes sense to trust India based companies with for your IT support and when to stick with your local IT consultant.

Should I outsource my business IT needs to an Off shore IT company ?

  1. Yes , If you want to save over 40% on your IT support Cost.
  2. Yes , If you are OK with remote support only and occasionally willing to get your hand dirty in server Room on their instructions.
  3. Yes, If you have a handy employee or Local IT tech who can help the remote team with rare onsite physical movements.
  4. Yes, If you are an IT manager and looks for a Off shore Helpdesk to save on IT cost.
  5. Yes, If you need someone to manage your off production hour issue when you are asleep.
  6. Yes , If you are an IT manager and looking for short term IT project support like upgrades, Migration etc at a price 40% cheaper then the local vendor.

When you should not use an Off shore IT team ?

  1. No, If you are very happy with your current IT support Vendor and do not care to?save over 40% on your monthly IT support budget
  2. No, If you need some one onsite regularly and have difficulty following phones instructions like hard rebooting your server or rebooting your modem

Even the local IT vendor prefer to do most of the work remotely via a screen sharing session like team viewer, so it makes a lot of sense to have a off shore company do the same job while you save hundreds of dollars per month as consulting fee.

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