Difficulty Finding Right Resource for your IT helpdesk

Weather you are an IT Manager or an IT business owner, Meeting challenges as above and finding an Ideal resource for your IT help-desk is a pain. Not any more, Pledge Technologies provides highly technical helpdesk engineers with excellent communication and Flexible timings. Also you get to choose between the L1 & L2 Engineer whatever meets your requirement.


We select our people after through screening and train them so that they can perform from the start of their contract with you. Through screening and Rigorous training makes them a perfect fit for you.

You may need an engineer during Peak hours or You may just want him for Off hour support. We can get you an engineer just when you need him.

With our engineer you also get access to our senior projects team, who act as your very own in house escalation support. So that ?you send the unsolved issues or Technically challenging projects to them.

Through our internal trainings and access to our lab environment, we ensure YOUR employee is always updated with the latest and greatest technologies.

We have multiple channels for feedback and we take your suggestion very seriously and ensure that they are implemented

Engineers At A Glance!!!?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my employee permanent, will he be with me as long as I need?


Attrition happens with us too, so we cannot guarantee the same guy forever.?However, we have mandatory notice period of 30 days, so you should get a heads up before the person leaves and he will provide complete knowledge transfer to the other engineer before leaving.

Is the person my employee or yours?

Well, the Engineer is our employee on payroll and you are in contract with the company and not the employee.?However, he is going to report to you and you need to manage his time and assign him work per your requirement. Even for trainings, we are going to seek your permission to keep him away from your work.

Do you work on my employee?s improvement?

Yes, we conduct all kind of trainings and maintain an internal lab for employee trainings. Your Engineer sits in vicinity to other L1, L2 and Project Team Engineers. So he always have access to people around him to ask questions when he is stuck.

Where are my Engineers located?

We are located in India.


Why should I outsource my work to India?


Well, there are a few reasons:


  • India is the fastest growing technology hub.
  • Indian work force is a quick learner and quite updated with technology
  • India is a accent neutral country, individuals are capable of doing clear English communications
  • And most importantly you get huge cost saving
Should I get an L1 Engineer or an L2 Engineer

Well you should analyze your need better, but as a thumb rule if you have an old practice and pretty much managed everything so far and just need some additional help to manage your work load and then an L1 Engineer is good enough.

However, if you feel that you feel you lack with latest technology and need someone to give you some edge than go for L2 Engineer. In both the cases you get access to Projects Team as and when you need it of course at hourly rates.

If you are not certain, please contact us. We’ll help you determine if you should opt for L1 or L2 Engineer, after taking a quick look of your existing environment.

Got Questions For Us, We Love to Answer !!!