Microsoft Azure Single Sign On

Azure sign On can be your single point of Authentication for alot more then just Office 365, it can authenticate over 2461 applications

One Drive: Your File Server in Cloud

You get it bundled with 365, its best priced solution, Why not use it as your own file server in Cloud

The Best Of Microsoft: Office 365

With Office 365 any size organization can get the same level of quality and Services with Fraction of Cost and Unmatched Durablity

Managed Infrastructure Support

Leave behind the worries to manage your on premise servers and Client PC’s . With Our unmatched support and superb IT helpdesk, you will never need an onsite IT tech.

Microsoft Exchange Migration & Consulting

Its time to Migrate to simply the greatest on premise email solution of All time from MS stable.

Active Directory Planning Migration & Consulting

AD being the center of all the security in not only your on premise architecture but even with cloud services now, Talk to the experts to get it Correct from the Beginning.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Implementation

Azure has all the services you can think of and with Usage based costing?it makes?total sense to Migrate to it, Talk to us to discuss your Move to Azure.

Exceeding Client Expectations Since 2009

Managed Service Providers, Strong Advocate Of Cloud Services, Minimizing Hardware & Maximizing Services

Flat Cost Project Support

Planning a server upgrade or a move to the Cloud? Work with us on a flat cost model for nirvana from technical as well as price worries.

Managed IT Services

A complete in-house IT dept for your company, VCIO services, Network Security Management, 24X7 help-desk all at a fixed monthly cost.

Hourly Support

Value money, engage us on fixed monthly contracts to enjoy the best cost savings and the best IT support.

Active Server Monitoring

Worried about unexpected downtimes, We monitor and mange your server at a fixed cost, Including Patching,Reboots and Problems.

How We Save Your IT Cost !!!

Reduction in Support Cost

The hourly support cost which you pay is the main reason for the increased IT budget, so our plan is simple. We will reduce it at least 30% of what you are paying today, do not be mistaken that it will affect quality of support. We are more technically trained than the local tech you have in your vicinity

Reduce On-premise servers

A small company of under 10 users maintaining an onsite server when there are super amazing cloud based providers available who can provide better services at cheaper price. Your consultant will never tell you about them because, he is happy milking you for maintaining those servers

Here are few examples

Microsoft Office 365 in place of your exchange: Provides you a maintenance free infrastructure, Better fault tolerance and high availability at a cost which is less then Cooling and power requirement of the onsite server.

Soonr or SharePoint Online?in place of File server: Easier, faster and anywhere access, No need for backup, Easy sharing of data.

Virtual servers in cloud: Still buying a new server each time you want to setup a new application, when you can easily virtualize your existing server or rather rent a virtual on cloud reducing maintenance cost, ?space, power and cooling cost.

Limited upgrades and migrations

Every time you run into an issue, we do not recommend you to rebuild the server or?worst?upgrade the servers, rather we understand the issue and are technically capable of fixing them.

Quicker Resolution

We fix your issues faster to reduce the production loss due to down time and reduce the number of hours you pay for support.

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